Walmart – master of tax avoidance

Walmart is the second biggest employer in the world (after army of China). Walmart is one of the most active multinational-companies lobbying for TTIP (EU-USA trade agreement) and TPP (Trans-Pasific partnership between USA and Pacific countries). And, Walmart, as the brand new, hot off the press research by Americans for Tax Fairness shows, it is also a very big and smart tax dodger. Make your own conclusions about Walmart, about how and why rich are rich, and who the real beneficiaries of TTIP/ TPP will be.



Tax Justice Network: Daily Telegraph – The Cost of Tax Havens

Tax Justice Network: Daily Telegraph – The Cost of Tax Havens.

according to Tax Justice Network about 160 billion GBP yearly are lost as a result of the tax havens. In the context of austerity and reduction of public debt, it is ridiculous when UK government’s creativity regarding balancing the government income and expenditure is limited to proposing pasty tax. Tackling tax havens would not only solve government’s income problem, but also would bring more justice to the global economy and transparency of aid and development sector.