on Cameron’s immigration saga

Whenever David Cameron complains about the immigrants in UK from other EU countries, he should be reminded that because of the same 4 freedoms of European internal market (movement of goods, services, capital and persons) which allow EU citizens to come and live/work in UK, 1) about 1.5 million British citizens can study, work and retire in the EU without requiring a work permit; 2) about 48-50% of the UK exports of goods and services are going to the other 26 member states, 3) ‘golden goose’ City of London can flourish selling its products and attracting investment (about 40% of new financial institutions are choosing London as their headquarters in the past seven years).

If David Cameron is a true believer in competitiveness then ‘pick-and-choose’ approach is obvious hypocrisy. People will always follow capital, therefore the more unequal EU will become through aggressive ‘race-to-the-bottom’ competition for investment, lower taxes and looser regulation, the higher concentration of capital in places like UK will take place and attract masses of people from other EU countries.