Money and Life

During the last few years following the global financial crisis many films have been produced to explain the paradoxes of current economic/ political system and what are the real consequences and impact of modern capitalism on the state of economy, our lives and planet.

This particular film has managed to find the right balance of simplicity and quality of argument from analytical point of view. This is not a mainstream film and not everyone would find it easy to follow, but it does give a great insight into the history of money, money creation, consumerism, growth, enoughness, Wall street, financial sector, democracy, new alternatives, redistribution of resources and wealth, cooperation, Occupy movement etc.

Film is particularly critical about the financial sector which has doubled in its size over the last 14 years in USA and is simply taking over economy. It is not economically productive, but is becoming as a cancer of a real economy as it is sucking real resources out of it. One of the story tellers in the film claims: “if financial sector was working as Las Vegas gambling business, we would not be in that mess now.” This perfectly illustrates how out of control this sector is and how dangerously relaxed and asleep we still are. Watch this film and wake up.