We are all Greeks today, are not we? This is a documentary produced by Greeks about Greece, the world they live in and the causes/ consequences of the odious debt which is strangling the nation. Watch it.


the price we pay

Hundreds of billions of dollars every year governments around the world are losing. How? The answer is – tax havens. The Price We Pay – this is probably the newest documentary on modern capitalism’s one of the cornerstones – tax havens, through which multinational companies can dodge or avoid paying tax. No one likes paying tax, one could argue, but equally, tax is one of the cornerstones of the social contract between the state and its citizens.

Moreover, as in this recent interview the director of this documentary Harold Crook puts it, tax havens contribute to increasing inequality, social unrest and disconnection of politics from the society which it is supposed to serve.


keep on keepin’ on

“The only difference between the master and amateur is desire to excel”.

Terry Clark, “Keep on Keepin’ On” documentary (2014) – a must see film for every jazz lover. An absolute masterpiece. Touching and inspiring.



Climate change is happening now

Thousands of people in about 150 countries today participated in the People’s Climate march calling all the world leaders for action on climate change. This short film supported by celebrity Leonardo diCaprio sums up the argument what is happening, why and what we must do.

Whilst I acknowledge the role of politicians and global institutions in making things worse, we should also recognize and admit that our individual choices on every day bases are equally important. What we consume, what businesses we support through our purchases, how nature-friendly lifestyle we choose to live – this all matters.