can your clothing cause cancer? Yes it can

The shock of the day: I had bought this colourful yarn a while ago and wanted today to start a new knitting project , but then i had a closer look at the label… “this product contains DEHP, a Phhalate chemical, lead and other chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm.” Then i did a little yarn with DEHPresearch and found out that this chemical has been banned for periods of times recently by the EU (full ban will be in force from Feb 2015), but not in the USA. It reminds me of the upcoming very contraversial USA-EU trade agreement (TTIP), where, I wonder, what will happen with this particular chemical as it is a part of many plastic goods.

And last but not least, how on earth we can be sure that this chemical is not part of our clothes we wear, plastic goods we use on daily basis …. Isn’t this going a bit too far? If there is clear evidence of negative impact on human health, why it is not forbidden to produce this chemical in the first place, not talking about using it as an ingredient of various goods? It should not be all down to the consumer to read all the small print and do the research on every single chemical to find out if it is not harmful. It should not be consumer’s responsibility to avoid harmful products. It should be producer’s responsibility not to produce such goods in the first place; legislators on national and international level play a significant role in this.

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