who is listening to the left-behind?

“Worse still is the fact that no one is really speaking up for those who are left behind. Conventional parties of the so-called left are barely audible in France, Britain and the U.S. Leaders like Obama are too afraid to “challenge elite priorities, in particular the obsession with budget deficits, for fear of being considered irresponsible,” Krugman writes. “And that leaves the field open for unconventional leaders — some of them seriously scary — who are willing to address the anger and despair of ordinary citizens.”

Of course. To talk about social issues and poverty, to acknowledge that these are serious issues and to define them as a political priority is considered to be populism. In many countries. But then we are wondering about the rising popularity of UKIP in England and similar movements elsewhere. However, the more conventional politicians will get obsessed with the rat-race and ambitious growth projects and the more they will treat corporations not the citizens as their main electorate, the more these conventional politicians will have to fear the up and coming extremism in various forms. 



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