need some adrenaline? Try ‘datching’

Russia is ill-famous for its wide-spread corruption. On Transparency International world corruption perception index in 2013 Russia is the 127th out of 177 countries. But what’s interesting is, that this phenomenon can become a source of inspiration for development of new sports. Sports discipline with a high level of extremism, risks and adrenaline. It’s called ‘datching’: the touring of the public land that holds massive mansions or as they call them in Russia – datcha – in an attempt to attract attention to the dubious real estate. Datching is usually done by opposition activists, but can be extremely risky and can lead to arrest and jail.

In this video (the best is from 2:30 – 3:30 min) you can see Russia’s Deputy Prime Minster’s datcha filmed by paraglider/ ‘datching’ enthusiast. It is just mind blowing to think how Mr Shuvalov with his official salary – 27,000USD a year – can possess such a property, which, surely, is just the top of the iceberg anyway. It does not surprise though therefore why such properties are so well guarded and hidden from public eye.

But, then ask how the people in power manage to maintain legitimacy of this order? The fact, that so little resistance can be observed, is the answer itself, isnt it?


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