price of attitude

Recently i was talking to someone from HR industry in London, a middle-age British man who is very sympathetic towards the small Baltic countries which he sees as younger Scandinavian sisters. He said, “you know, we recently interviewed someone from Lithuania! But,… she did not get a job”. I frowned and asked “why? Wasn’t she good enough?”

He said, “well, we asked her where is she from and she said she is from Lithuania. We asked if she is Lithuanian then. She replied that she is Lithuanian Russian putting special emphasis on ‘Russian’. Then i asked if she knows then Lithuanian language too to which she replied “yes, i was forced to learn it”.

“wow”, was my reaction.

He said, “i am well aware that it may sound like a prejudice, but that was it; i genuinely believe this is a wrong attitude.”

The morale of the story: one’s attitude has price.


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