if you hadnt had a chance to attend primary school, how your life would be like today?

on 23 August me and 5 my friends will be doing the Isle of Wight challenge walking 56km along the coast. We are doing this not only to challenge ourselves (we aim to finish this walk Pajong primary school Ugandain about 8-9 hours), but also to raise funds for 350 underprivileged children in Northern Uganda so they can go to school. This is a very grassroots project implemented by Swedish organization Jeremiah Lucas Opira Foundation therefore all donations will go to this project supporting Pajong primary school.

In order to send children to school, parents should pay the school fee, buy school uniforms, textbooks and pay for the school meals. Many simply cant afford it. Therefore initiative like this will try to improve school attendance (particularly of girls) and raise awareness of education as a route to escape poverty.

Please support us and make a donation here on our online fundraising page! Even if it is just a value of a pint or cup of coffee, it can help us to get more kids attending the school, receiving school meals and textbooks. In fact, you may be saving someone’s life.

Giving may make you feel better! Thank you very much!

p.s. currency of the fundraising page is Swedish krona, so 100SEK is about 9GBP or 11EUR or 15USD.


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