how to prevent bankers’ suicides

Few days ago yet another banker took his own life by jumping off the roof of the JP Morgan building in Canary Wharf, followed by another suicide just 2 days later.

Sadly, it’s starting to become as a trend. A French restaurant in the City – Coq D’Argent, nicely located on the top floor of one of the office buildings – is infamous for being the jumping board already for at least three suicidal City workers.

in 2012 three City workers did suicides, but from 2013 i recall this shocking suicide of an intern working for the Merrill Lynch. There was also a City lawyer who killed himself in front of the tube train. But overall it is close to impossible to find statistics over the last 5 – 10 years about the total number of suicides committed (and i wonder why? are PR departments of the sector trying to safeguard the reputation of their stressful workplaces?), but clearly this trend is alarming. 100 hour working weeks, competition, pressure, overworking, stress have been mentioned just as some of the reasons behind this tragic trend. apple suicide nets

Maybe the financial institutions should learn from the Apple, which is dealing with Chinese factory workers’ suicides by installing suicide nets. They could also function as ‘umbrellas’, which may particularly be appreciated in rainy London.

p.s. I am slightly cynical here and not because I dont feel compassion for those who have taken their lives as a result of the work they had been doing, but for the cold-blooded attitude and reaction (meaning – silence and ‘no-comments’ tone) of the financial institutions with respect to the real work conditions in their organizations. Shame.

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