Price of Putin’s ambitions. Sochi

I dont have much to say really except:

It is just mind-blowing how this USD 51 billion project – Sochi Olympic games – in about 1 month has not still become a major scandal though here and there media are questioning the massive costs and pointing at corruption.

But what is even more so worrying is the social price of this project. I still recall how Britain was selling the project of London Olympic games (comparing with Sochi, this was cheap – just GBP 9 billion) to its people arguing that it will boost the regeneration of the East London where the Olympic games took place and how great economic impact it will have on local businesses etc. People were skeptical and still are. But how Russian government can defend this extravagant project and how exactly Russian people or Sochi more specifically will benefit from it, except those individuals who got the massive building/ construction contracts?

If it is a trial to re-establish Russia’s superpower status, then well.. you can repaint a broken house in whichever color million times, but broken house will still remain a broken house.


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