you are what you eat

Globalization, modernization, commercialization, urbanization has massively influenced the way we eat and therefore also the way we live. Particularly in the Western world people have literally ran away from nature and and have lost the knowledge of growing their own food. Moreover, by giving away this responsibility to produce the food we consume, we have also given away control over our health, well-being and quality of life.

Even if we dont have really a chance to own a garden and go organic, through the choices we make when buying food we can change the quality and length of our lives. Food we eat is directly linked to number of times we would search doctor’s assistance. And, even if our immune system does go on strike, your choice of medicine (a pill or right nutrition) will also affect chances of recovery in short and long-term.

This movie, which you can watch until December 10 for free, is a brilliant eye-opener with respect to what we eat, how it affects our bodies and lives, how the health and food industry manipulates with our choices we make every day every hour.



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