If you want to have a pleasant flight..

I wrote an email to Lufthansa asking to send me a new Miles&More card as i lost my old one. Within a week they replied saying that I need to write a formal letter with this request and send it either by fax or by post. A fax? When was the last time I used fax? A letter by post? in 2013? Customer service people sometimes really surprise me. And, you can guess three times, if I still want to have that Miles&More card..

But, talking about airlines, as a result of my many travels this year, ‘Best service 2013’ awards I would give to Easyjet in a category – ‘budget airlines’ and to Qatar Airways – in a category ‘the rest of the airlines’.

Easyjet does not make fuzz about hand baggage like Ryanair or Wizzair etc do. Easyjet gives people boarding pass with their seat number so there is no rush and competition among passengers who will sit where. Easyjet does not annoy you with millions of announcements during the flight about all the (im)possible things you can buy. And seats seem to be more comfortable and stewards more polite and discreet.

Qatar Airways is my benchmark of the best flight service particularly on long-haul Qatar airwaysflights where they pamper you like in a 5star hotel. If your flight is during the night you will also receive a very useful goodies’ bag to make your flight more comfortable – tooth brush and tooth paste, warm socks, ear-plugs and eye mask. Regarding food, they usually have 3 options – fish, meat and vegetarian – and it has always been delicious. And for the movie fans, be warned, you wont be bored because of the incredible choice they offer; the classics, the new releases, European movies and loads of Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood. For me as a jazz fan I could entertain myself with quite few new albums i had not had a chance to listen to before and relax with beautiful classics of Miles, Coltrane and Art Blakey. This is what should ‘a pleasant flight’ mean.


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