50km walk. Yes, i did it.

So, it’s done. it took me 8h 30min or, if excluding meal break, 7h 45min to walk 50km (6.5km per hour)! It rained less than i thought, no single blister and everyone loved my Photo0107‘walking shoes’ (check out the El Naturalista shoes, they are not only cute, they are also extremely comfortable!) . I was among 2300+ people who were walking either 25km, 50km or all 100km fundraising for various organizations and good causes.Route-Map-Thames-Path-Challenge-Bishops-Park-Putney-Bridge-Runnymede-Henley-29-September-2012-1024x688

But more importantly, at least in my case, I did it for myself, to test my own limits, strength and stamina. I like to walk and i do it a lot but i never had walked more than 20km or so in one go, so committing to 50km walk was based on my inner belief in what i can rather than what i know i can. And my conclusion is that we have to trust ourselves more than we usually do and stop building limits in our minds what’s possible and what’s not. If we want, we most likely also Thames Path Challenge 50kmcan.

After the walk it was not easy to get home, but today I feel much better and i am sure tomorrow i will be totally fine and happy to walk again. Big thanks also to all my supporters who helped me to raise funds for RedR UK (422GBP!!). My fundraising page will be still open for some time therefore all the last minute supporters – you can make your donation here – http://www.justgiving.com/Sandra-Martinsone Thank you! And remember, you gain by giving!


2 thoughts on “50km walk. Yes, i did it.

  1. congratulations! truly impressive, you must feel really proud not only for the walk but for the whole idea šŸ™‚

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