only 4 days until 50km walk!

Only 4 days left until my great challenge – 50km charity walk along the Thames which i am doing in order to fundraise for RedR UK – humanitarian capacity building NGO which is training aid workers in disasters-hit countries around the world.

By donating only 5GBP you will also have a chance to win a very special hand-made (by me) gift from me and if I wont be able to meet you in person, I will post you wherever you are. Please follow this link for more details about the gifts and my challenge – Donations can be made online from anywhere in the world and it’s safe.

I am a bit nervous, but i think i can do it. I CAN DO IT! 🙂 My aim is to finish it in less than 8 hours!  As long as it is not raining and the views along the path are not too boring, I should be ok.

Thanx to all who have already supported me and who are about to do it right now! Feel free to share the link with your friends or colleagues.

p.s. and in case you wonder what RedR could be doing with this money, then let me tell you – right now we are planning to do a security training for aid workers in Jordan to support humanitarian activities in Syria.


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