a shopping bag

…just after a young couple got off the bus, a man sitting next to me suddenly changed his seat to where the couple was sitting. I thought he just wanted to have more space. But after a little while i realized that the couple had left a shopping bag on the bus and the young man was calculating in his mind what to do with this bag.

..but then as the young man turned his head to look outside the window he started to wave the bag up in the air; he saw the man, who got off in the previous bus stop without his shopping bag, running after the bus. The man, who found the shopping bag, stopped the bus and gave the bag to the owner.

I smiled.

To the young couple this evening could have turned out to be a very upsetting one as a result of the lost shopping bag; however, instead of that there were only max 2 minutes of stress after which the couple was again reunited with the bag. And this all thanks to a help from a stranger.

There are probably more good people around us than we dare to think. And, in moments like these, i feel that there is hope. Hope for a slightly better world we live in.


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