London marathon 2013

what a lovely, sunny day with great, inspiring atmosphere! And, disregarding the security concerns following incidents last week during the Boston marathon, the general mood was so cheerful, uplifting and positive! Here i tried to capture some of the most colorful and creative runners. 🙂

London marathon London marathon DSCN1695  DSCN1722 DSCN1733 DSCN1756 DSCN1767 DSCN1716 DSCN1770 DSCN1779 DSCN1780  DSCN1786  DSCN1789 DSCN1791 DSCN1793 DSCN1795





These are elite men runners including Mo Farah! Shame, he did only half the marathon, but was great to see him anyway.DSCN1768DSCN1788DSCN1784

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