why poverty?

Poverty. This uncomfortable word. It can be even intimidating. To some hearing about poverty may cause a sense of guilt; to some it’s a shame and a personal tragedy; to some it can cause compassion, anger, urge to do something. to some it’s ‘it is their own fault’.

when we think about poverty, very often we think about developing countries, starving children and refugee camps. But, nowadays, poverty is everywhere. Poverty can be found in the richest cities in the world. Yet, we may often prefer to ignore it, pretend as if we dont notice or see it, avoid it,  try to stay positive and not to screw up our mood. But it is still there.

Why poverty project has produced a series of short films and documentaries presenting the real face of poverty around the world. I recommend. Something to think about.



2 thoughts on “why poverty?

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  2. When entire families are struggling to meet their basic needs, a “culture of poverty” begins to be formed. People begin to develop ingrained beliefs that limit their chances for future success. This may include considering crime an acceptable alternative to traditional employment or not believing children should strive for good grades in school. While children who grow up in middle class or upper class families are taught to focus on the future and the potential for changing their lives, children living in generational poverty often grow up believing that their present circumstances are determined only by fate and factors beyond their control.

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