Phronesis, album launch “Walking Dark”, London

Yesterday (26 May) in London jazz band Phronesis had a launch of its new album “Walking Dark”. As per definition piano trios rarely disappoint me (i would not say that the form is all what matters, but probably this format simply generates an ambiance i favor), and Phronesis was not exception. Moreover, as they mature and grow stronger as a musical collaboration, it was a genuine pleasure to listen to their newest work with a good balance of mellowness and energy.

For me as someone following political/ economic developments worldwide quite closely, it was especial surprise to find few tracks hardly to be perceived ‘apolitical’. “Democracy” and “The Economist” speak for themselves. Jasper was saying that in these hectic times musicians do have to speak up too. Though he was slightly limited in terms of how detailed comment he could make on the stage about things happening in today’s society as the concert was recorded by BBC, his disappointment was well articulated and understood. He said, at times musicians feel like in one of those scenes from the movie Titanic when the ship was already sinking but musicians kept playing as if all was normal.

All three band members were amazing individually and all together.  Melody + technique + message = that’s Phronesis.

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