isn’t it a citizen’s right to know what’s in MP’s wallet?

i read today’s article “Clegg: I ļl join PM in making earnings public” in Evening Standard and it surprised me by finding out that the information about civil servants’ (including politicians, MPs etc) income/liabilities and finances in general IS NOT public information. For example, in Latvia, a country with only 22 years of democracy, all civil servants (not all public sector workers, but definitely all politicians) by law every year have to submit a declaration to the State Revenue Office stating their income, liabilities, deposits, owned assets and their value, membership in any organizations (to prevent conflict of interest) and their closest relatives. This information is all available on internet. I believe, those who serve the people, should be accountable to people via transparency of what they are doing, for how much, from whom/ to whom. If there is nothing controversial to hide, why civil servants would be stressed? I think, making this information public is absolutely crucial for democracy.

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