Jeffrey Sachs: poverty’s greatest problem – cynicism

On March 24 Guardian organized a talk about current affairs with Jeffrey Sachs, famous but equally quite controversial economist. As a father of ‚economic shock therapy’ (neoliberalism) and claiming to be influenced by Keynes (not so much neoliberalism) Sachs has been recently very much focusing on global poverty issues. His talk surprised me in quite many ways as I did not expect from him such bold and honest answers.

  • Regarding what is the biggest problem to tackle poverty, he said it is widespread cynicism.
  • When been asked if something has gone wrong ethically with global economic system, he said – yes!
  • He confirmed that indeed globalization leads to inequality.
  • Occupy movement was/ is correct because indeed politics is controlled by the rich (1%) who then benefit from the system of tax cuts and deregulation;
  • it’s proved by research: the richer the person, the more he lies;
  • Scandinavia is the closest what the world has to materialized version of the concept of ‚good society‘, where solidarity and equality are crucial elements;

see full talk with Jeffrey Sachs here.


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