medicine against cold or – talk to your grandma!

this is that time of the year when almost everyone sooner or later faces the almost unavoidable – cold. However, i prefer to think, that cold is preventable and avoidable. Possibly, not for all 100%, but the level of cold or how it affects our well-being can be definitely managed. Moreover, remember, that nature has its own medicine to all its natural pathologies, so, forget about pills or artificial vitamins or food supplements. it’s all about basics. Talk to your grandma!

my grandma passed away many years ago, but in my childhood years when spending many summers with her, she told me that against cold you should do a very simple thing: drink hot milk with honey.

Now, to make this drink tastier and more effective, i have slightly adjusted this recipe and have added the third element – whiskey. It’s killing!

So, if you haven’t caught cold yet and you dont want to catch it either, keep drinking this warming drink: hot milk (heat up milk but dont make it boiling!)+honey+whiskey. as it really will prevent you from catching cold, you are allowed to have one drink per day. And, make sure your feet are warm. 🙂 Enjoy the winter!


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