the best and easiest recipe of a chocolate cake

i have baked many chocolate cakes, but the one i just did for Xmas, was the best ever. Maybe the reason was that i slightly improvised and did depart from the original recipe, but the outcome was great: a juicy, rich cake with at times sticky chocolaty consistence and a crispy top. You know, like chocolate brownies, but even better. So, i thought, i shall maybe share this tip with you too.

Take 200g butter or margarine (actually, i think, at the end i added slightly less when i noticed how many calories that all contains!) and mix with 200g (or a standard coffee mug) of brown sugar. dont melt the butter. stir with sugar (with fork, for example) until it is a more or less consistent. it is easier ifย  before baking you leave butter/ margarine outside the fridge for couple of hours, so it gets softer.

Then, add 4 eggs and mix it until again it is all consistent. i used electric hand mixer, so it is very quick.

then, add 200g (1 standard coffee mug) of flour, smth around 150g milled almonds, an apple/ pear puree (i just bought a 60g jar of baby food and added it all), 50g cocoa powder, vanilla sugar (around 3-5 table spoons), baking powder and just stir everything. once it is nice and relatively firm, add a bit of whiskey. i just poured, did not measure, but i imagine, it was smth between 50-100g.

then, before spreading the dough on the baking tray, oil the tray and spread milled almonds, which will make a nice bottom of the cake.

and then, bake itย  until it is ready. i test with dry little piece of wood (a match stick). if it is not sticky, it is ready. depends on oven, how much time it takes.

enjoy and dont count calories!


p.s. it’s particularly good if you eat it with vanilla ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “the best and easiest recipe of a chocolate cake

  1. I’ll try your recipe one of these days. I’ve done the one from the Joy of Baking site and found it to be very good as well. Yours have many interesting ingredients so I’m pretty curious to try a new version of chocolate cake.

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