Occupy London, 29 October 2011 – there ARE alternatives and it is possible!

There has been way too much negativity in the media about this campaign, but it’s serious and just wait or better – do act as well, if you care about the world you live in! it wont stay the same and it must not. water in the kettle is boiling hotter and hotter… and when those 99% will reach the 100% temperature the world (read – mainstream politics) will just have to change. And dont believe those who say those campers are just vagabonds or fribbles or just people who have nothing else to do. there is serious talk going on (i actually spent today an hour discussing all these crisis/ socialism/ capitalism/ neoliberalism/ growth/ cuts-related issues with random people in the camp) and a great level of keenness to change and do changes is in the air. i have captured just some of the ideas spread around there and if you disagree with these, i’m afraid, you are among the 1% and you gonna be in trouble soon 🙂 cheers.

P.S. before writing my own reflections on this subject, i found this article about Neoliberalism and Occupy Movements and thought that for time being i would want to share it as a deeper insight into this Occupy issue as i strongly agree with the arguments explained in there.

2 thoughts on “Occupy London, 29 October 2011 – there ARE alternatives and it is possible!

  1. Hi Sandra,

    Couldn’t think of another way of contacting you other than the blog address you gave me at the NEF Fink Club! It was at Hub Westminster, Changemakers event. I left a leaflet on our School of Commoning, did anything in there resonate with you? Our work and the work I hope to do in my life is related to community organising and capacity building which (reading your blog) maybe you also have an interest in! If your curious in any way, check out our Commoning cafe on Friday near Tottenham Court Road see here:

    Commoning Café – London

    Friday, Nov 4, 2011, 7:00 PM

    Le Pain Quotidien
    64 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 2ET London, GB

    9 Commoners Went

    The School of Commoning is launching the Commoning Cafe, a monthly gathering where anyone who is curious about the Commons is welcome. If you wonder about how collective action of diverse groups could contribute to social transformation, how co-production of things we care about can be protected from being taken over by private interest, come and f…

    Check out this Meetup →

  2. hi Mark, thanks for reading my blog and getting in touch. you can write to sandra.martinsone[at]hotmail.com in order to contact me directly. thanks. 🙂

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