after 3 years in UK

exactly 3 years ago i arrived in UK. My only goal was to obtain MA and then go back. However, things changed over the time. And, i guess, i changed too. And, most importantly, i fell in love with London. I started this blog just before coming to UK and in one of the first entries i was wondering why many people before leaving warned me not to stay in UK for good and come home after studies. Then i thought that of course i am not going to stay there. Ha. But, you see, things change and i have no regrets whatsoever. Now i cant think of leaving it (but hey, let’s see what i’ll say after 3 more years).

Now, since i have been here for 3 years, i wanted to note some of the things London has changed about me, around me and inside my mind:

  • i am thinking in English most of the time;
  • using ‘sorry’ disregarding if i or somebody else has done something wrong; it means, if somebody would run into me while trying to catch the morning train to work, i would say ‘sorry’;
  • among my friends and acquaintances there are more non-British than British people;
  • foxes are just normal city animals;
  • curry is an essential part of my cooking;
  • traffic system does not seem to be strange or wrong anymore;
  • i am not wearing a regular ring on my left hand ring-finger, because here it is reserved for wedding ring (opposite to how it is in my country);
  • now i think sandwich is ok lunch meal;
  • i am getting used to the fact that 23 – 24 June does not mean anything here and people dont celebrate name days;
  • the more ‘colored’ society around me is, the more comfortable i feel;
  • regarding my contacts with Latvian community here, i have one friend (actually, one i knew before coming here) and i know a Latvian girl who is doing manicure/ pedicure for me; that’s more or less it, except occasional ad hoc contact with some embassy people;
  • my daily newspapers are: evening standard, metro and guardian;
  • i have done afro braids 4 times and might do it some time soon again;
  • when i meet new people, 90% guess i am French;
  • i am spending here for jazz gigs/iTunes more than for food or it is about the same more or less;
  • i have lived so far in 3 places and i am about to move again (reality of renting, long distances, size of London);
  • i always have umbrella with me disregarding what is weather forecast;
  • in order to support all kinds of initiatives of international development advocacy groups i’m now and then sending mails and emails to my local MP and asking them to make smart decisions (sometimes they are not able to do it themselves);
  • every day i spend 1 hour when going to work and 1 hour back, which is ok; it’s normal here;
  • i have started to call London (whichever would be the exact place i live) as home;
  • BUT – i have not forgotten my The Home and a lot of my spare time is spent in name of creating a positive change there; i hope, next year i will be able to present you some real good stuff.

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