writing our autobiography with sms

Do you remember when did you get your first mobile phone? In my case, I think, if my memory is right, only in July 2003 i finally bought my first mobile phone. It was one of the Nokia models and ever since i have been loyal to Nokia (my current Nokia is the third mobile phone i have had) as i believe for some reason that Finns make the best mobile phones.

Now, assuming that on average I have been sending/ receiving about 5 sms per day (i have never been obsessed with mobile communication, i guess, or if so, it’s been very periodical), it means, that if i would have kept all the sms, i would have now about 14600 or let’s say around 15 000 sms in total.

If i would have kept all the sms just like artist Tracey from east London I could also now publish a book with all my sms in there and become famous for my melodramatic book (and maybe finally earn my first million). My book would be quite short if i compare with Tracey’s book of almost 100 000 texts  since 1999. This certainly sounds like a modern technology-based tool of writing one’s diary or autobiography and, i guess, a pretty straight way to create a bestseller book because of this new extraordinary literature style and extreme transparency revealing so intimate, personal aspects of one’s life (ahh, those nosy people).

But, though Tracey has been obviously obsessed with texting and saving every single message, i wonder what ‘normal’ people normally do with their texts? delete? delete straight after receiving or after some time? saving? if not all, then which ones? Very special ones? from special people? I delete some and save some. i think, i have saved about 2 thousands for various reasons, but probably not for sharing or publishing.

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