My inspiring women

The most recent edition of the magazine Intelligent Life (part of the Economist family) had a special story on women who have inspired eight currently well-known successful women. It was interesting to realize how much sometimes a very normal person, a woman can inspire others to do big, great, fantastic things.

Disregarding who they were – a nurse, philosopher, writer, actress, human rights activist, musician etc – they all had in common – strength, courage, strong belief in what they were doing, confidence and ability to step into unknown.

It made me think who i would name as my inspiring women and for several days i was thinking a lot about all the influences i have had..I definitely couldn’t come up with only one name.. in different periods these have been different women.

During my primary school years i think my role model was English language teacher. she had this admiring charisma. all the boys respected her. She was elegant with good manners and with very high but healthy levels of self-esteem. and then one day she said, that in our lives we should try to learn something about everything and everything about something. and i think, since then, i have been following this advise. i have tried to go deep in the subjects which interest me most, but in the same time i have tried to preserve my general curiosity about life, world, people and processes around. This is thanks to her and i dont regret.

Also, at age of 9 i started to attend music school and playing flute. My first flute teacher was a young professional, who just had finished her studies and was at the very beginning of her professional career. Unfortunately, after one year she left as she chose to focus on her career as performer. Since then i kept following news about her and kept thinking that i could probably do the same. i think, until age of 14 thanks to her i could keep my dream alive about me becoming a musician.Though, it did not come true, music is still a very important part of my life.

Then, during my secondary school years, i think, it was my history teacher (I am only now realizing how big influence teachers actually have had on me).  Seems like there were nothing she did not know. She had a very analytical mind and was passionate about political processes around. Her knowledge about history and her Politics classes  just inspired me and determined my future professional path. The fact that i chose to study Politics was largely thanks to her and i never have regretted this decision.

and then.. i am stuck. since about 1998 i really struggle to think of women who have immensely inspired me or made an impact on my life. But, possibly i could mention former Latvia’s president Vaira Vike Freiberga, writer Naomi Klein, singer Nina Simone. These are women who have demonstrated their ability to lead, fight for truth and justice; who have had an impressive charisma to be a very public person and drive change; who have been brave enough to speak out, risk their lives and be bold about what they believe in.

however, beyond this, of course, my mum and my closest friends have been my inspiring women too. each of then in their very own way.


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