Days 5 – 6: paperwork jungle, networking and ‘strange dreams’

Huhhh, these two days have been really busy: meetings with bank, consultant, Employers’ federation, networking with other NGOs, doing interviews with shortlisted candidates, trying to get through the bureaucratic/ paperwork jungle etc etc

Set up phase until you get the proper office space, equipment, staff, bank account with money, feels a bit chaotic or let’ s say – theoretical, because most of the things are still just plans. But, as i keep saying, if the right systems are in place and used  from the very beginning, you save nerves in a long term. Though, the context as well as sector specifics as such require quite big flexibility, therefore we also should be able to adjust quickly if and when needed.

But it’s exciting. Yesterday was a very long as we went outside the city to a venue where a water sanitation training was run by one of my collegues from London, so it was a good opportunity to meet other humanitarians, especially those from Kenya and/or South Sudan. What is the most encouraging and fascinating thing i learnt is that the capacity building,  which is our major mission and aim here, is highly needed and demanded. It just assured that we are in the right place and planning to do the right thing. we could have been here already yesterday, but better later than never.

As my travel changed a bit and I will have to go to Sudan a bit earlier, i started to take anti-malarials, which apparently may likely cause quite many different side effects including headache, feeling sick, tiredness, dizziness, depression etc etc. so far so good, however among the side effects there was also a side effect of having strange dreams. So, now, when heading to bed, i wonder what would ‘strange dreams’ really be like just in case I gonna be the lucky one to have this very special or indeed strange anti-malarial side effect…

Lessons learnt:

If you can drive in Nairobi, you can drive anywhere;

paying with bank cards is not a cammon practice here though in hotels, for example, you may do it.

US dollar notes which are newer, nice and tidy has better exchange rate than the ones which are older, dirty or torn a bit.


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