1st day: fences

After a bit more than 8 hours long flight i arrived in Nairobi early this morning without much sleep but with skyrocketing level of keeness to explore every single day of my trip as much as i can. A very humid air was the first thing i noticed, which in combination with +17 temperature  made a warm, refreshing welcome.

When i got my visa in literary 5 minutes i was happy i did not waste my time by trying to do it in London which would take at least 3 days. In the airport you can get visa for Kenya by filling in application form and paying 25USD. They even did not need my photos which i managed to get done on a very last minute before travel.

My pre-booked taxi driver arrives a bit late, but until then i stay calm as there are tens of other taxi drivers keen to take me wherever i would need. On my way to the flat where i am staying i noticed streams of many men as well as women walking along the road or across the fields. As my taxi driver explained at this early hour some of them are going home after finishing their night shifts at the factories or going to the work.Though in principle there is nothing strange, walking rather than traveling long distances by car or public transport to work is probably what it made look so different.

By having my first lunch and dinner in this country I realized that being vegetarian might be a quite challenging mission. Moreover, so far most of the vegetarian options are interpretations of Italian cousine which is somewhat disappointing as this is definitely a place where i would want to avoid European/ Western style food and try authentic local cousine as much as possible. I already made an exception this evening by having a local dish of fish (dont remember name).

But what really got my attention today was fences. Wherever you look, you see fences. This automatically leads me to think who the ‘us’  and who the ‘they’  are. Who is defending himself  from whom and why. Do ‘ they’ and ‘ us’ ever meet? The higher the fence the safer ‘they’  feel? The stronger the fence the more powerful one is? Is a fence a manifestation of status? Fences seem to me like policemen which so visibly control the social relations in community by punishing those who ignore or disrespect them. And seems like then everyone has this need to build a fence around him even if it is made of a cardboard and is only as wide as to cover the length of one’ s sleeping place…


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