just before departure

for the last 2 weeks my life has been organized around the travel checklist – things i have to do or buy or check or get before my 3 weeks long travel to Africa. My very first trip to Africa. Vaccines, antimalarial tablets, work plan, visa, accommodation, flight tickets, building cultural awareness, personal security briefings, preparation of all kinds of documents, anti-insect sprays, marketing materials, IT and other equipment, insurance etc etc etc

I am glad i can have 2 pieces of luggage, up to 23kg each. it makes packing so much easier, though i am still not sure if i spent 2.5 hours of packing efficiently. Awareness of different cultures, traditions and perception of ‘normality’ versus perfect summer temperatures (from 22C in Kenya to even 40C in Khartoum) seriously complicated my decision making regarding which clothes to take with me. Will see.

I am almost ready to go to the airport. Will have a night flight arriving in Nairobi early morning. Cant wait.


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