end of bin Laden’s life: beginning of a safer world or not?

It came indeed as a surprise this morning to hear about bin Laden’s death and a wide celebration of this fact in the USA. However, I would be cautious to celebrate death of bin Laden. West prefers to think it is a victory over Taliban and terrorist groups. But, equally, it can also be a re-activation of terrorist attacks as a revenge. Do we know what bin Laden has left behind, how powerful is Taliban to take more terrorist actions? Are there now new leaders replacing bin Laden? For the West, a very important question is how it will further justify its presence in Afghanistan?

Moreover, it is still a question if by killing bin Laden the world has become a safer place to live….. All this mystery around Pakistan & Afghanistan and their relations to Taliban (what an irony: we have been fighting, killing people in Afghanistan, while bin Laden was actually hiding in Pakistan) cause more questions and give hardly no answers.

In addition..what is really interesting is ‘utilization’ of bin Laden’s body. Instead of keeping it for a while as a an evidence to prove the truth of the fact (where are the photos or videos of this dead man? or at least a trophy, a chunk of his beard?) they have immediately (why such a rush???) buried bin Laden’s body at sea. If you look in the map, the nearest sea is more than 1000km away form the place he was shot dead. Would they really fly that distance to throw him in the sea?

Level of credibility of this story is somewhat decreasing. I am suspicious…

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