sunny days and climate change

it is April 23 and i did my first sunbathing session this year! I was not somewhere in south Spain or Africa where +25C and more this time of the year is a usual thing. I was in my dear London.

Absolutely fantastic. Feels like in July. Especially after the thunderstorm and little refreshing rain. This hot day made me go to the nearest park (i was never there before!) and do some reading for my research there while catching some tan. A park which is located kind of on the top of the hill gives also nice views over to the Canary Wharf and Crystal Palace. A little amusement park attracted lots of kids and families while others like me were just enjoying the sun. It was interesting when a guy not far from me was practicing singing, so i had some music in the background as well, which is good. 🙂 My only trouble was people with dogs who let them run around. I had to keep an eye on them, so that they dont get too close to me…

But, but, but… this is not normal and it is not supposed to be like this. Though on individual level we should be happy about such sunny days especially in UK which is notorious for its weather. However, on a more global level, i think, we should all take a note and realize that all the talks about the climate change and all the bad scenarios is not something to happen in hundreds of years. It is happening now. Moreover, while people were enjoying the warm weather, we also experienced smog over the city warning about the heightened air pollution levels which is directly linked with climate change.

Apart from political tools responding to the climate change and preventing some of the worst possible outcomes of this change, on an individual level we can also do things differently. Think about the way we move from point A to point B, the way we consume, the way we treat water and energy, the way we recycle, the way we buy things and even the way we spend our free time. It all makes an impact. and we should not be too ignorant.


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