Democracy: racing or representing?

I notice that i am mentioning Mr Cameron in my blog recently very often, and this article wont be different, but his views, ideas just cant keep my mouth shut.

on 5 May there will be a referendum on voting system for the UK parliament where the current system – first-past-the-vote will be challenged by the proportional voting system. There is a wide front of supporters on both sides. Cameron and Tories absolutely reject the proposed changes claiming that these would be ‘bad for democracy’.

And this is where i cant disagree with him more. I think, exactly the opposite is the case – the current system is unrepresentative and therefore undemocratic. If a party with most votes  (for example 35%) can get majority of seats (more than 50%), system gives disproportionately large share of power in respect to other parties. Moreover, in UK case, except the last elections which are extraordinary because of the created coalition government, most of the times the party which gained most of the votes, got full control over the government and, though having an impact of shadow government (opposition), could implement its policies while representing often just 1/3 of the electorate. So, how democratic it is that 2/3 of the electorate are not represented by the government?

I think, the most important thing which we need to understand is that democracy is not about racing and about winning. It is about representation. Society may have different groups, communities with different approaches to governance, political and social life and they all have full rights to be represented in the parliament and government (with a condition that a certain minimum of support has been gained; in some countries there would be a 5% margin of electoral votes which should be gained).

Coalitions are difficult and slower in terms of actions taken and decisions made, but this is the only way how the decisions can be made taking into account the interests of different political groups. Parties, representing different social, political, economical views should be able to negotiate with others and reach agreement rather than enjoy full power ignoring other views. Also, by giving a party full control over the government it complicates the issue about ‘checks and balances’ and political accountability in general.

i truly cant wait to see what will be the results.


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