13 years old prodigy jazz guitar player Andreas Prodigy, debut gig in London

Last Monday, 21 March at Ronnie Scotts was, i could bet, a historic day.When introducing the young 13 year old prodigy Andreas Varady, the host correctly noted that there have been many bigger and smaller Cats playing on the Ronnies’ stage, however never the headliner has been so young – just 13 years! Moreover, this gig was the first one outside the Andreas’ residence country Ireland (Andreas originally comes from Romania/ Slovakia) and at the end of the night there was no doubt that his name will be part of the jazz future.

Many musicians would spend many years in jazz until they get the chance to play at Ronnies the main act, while for Andreas  Europe’s jazz meka has been conquered already at the age of 13.

Andreas’ gig was amazing. Combination of jazz standards, some of his own as well as his band mate’s David Lyttle compositions made it a truly enjoyable night. Even more, because of his age quality was not compromised, though obviously there is a space for Andreas to grow, improve and potentially at some point in the near future become a source of inspiration and role model for other young jazz guitar players.

He started to play guitar at age of four when his father, who is himself playing guitar, introduced it to him. As immigrants from Eastern Europe Andreas and his father had been busking on streets in Ireland until they were noticed and recognized by Irish jazz musicians and brought into light.

This young jazz player is phenomenon with great talent and passion for music at such a young age. I doubt if he would have been where he is without the external conditions – having his father as his tutor (though they say he is more like self-taught prodigy guy) and rough, but musically useful experience of busking. I wonder, however, if, while developing his professional career, he has time at all to go to school and keep up with general education. Hopefully, he is not compromising too much.

Anyway, i feel that in few years time Andreas will be bringing us more and more great things. With his Leo character (btw, our birthdays are on the same day!) you should not expect less. so, watch his space.

Check him playing with Martin Taylor here.


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