British winter and coping strategies

I guess, now we can pretty surely say that this year’s British winter is over. Last week in early mornings i have constantly been woken up by singing birds, so – spring is coming, spring is coming!

But, yesterday when reading the Guardian’s newspaper I was again reminded about this year’s big thing here in UK – SNOW! For me, having lived in a country with winters as cold as -30C, this was really funny. Reaction of people to snow was really funny. Well, after a while – annoying. There is nothing wrong with snow or cold. It’s nature. and it’s beautiful. Even in the middle of the big London, a frosty day with streets in snow and winter sun shining – it’s beautiful! Yes, you have to dress up properly, you cant walk in flip-flops or high heels, you need some scarf and hat and a jumper not only a T-shirt under your coat… And, if you drive, you cant drive as crazy as in summer time. you have to be more careful, slower, more patient..

But dont blame the snow. and dont panic. Winter is a part of a cycle of a year, when the nature is resting. and so could people take some rest…

And, i am coming back to yesterday’s Guardian which was advertising special ice treads, some sort of stuff to put on your shoes to prevent you from falling down when walking an icy, snowy road. With all my experience of cold snowy winters, this is the first time i see something like this. i find them pretty funny.

And, again, i just want to say to dear Britons – calm down, relax… dont exaggerate. Snow is not a tragedy. It is beautiful.

and, if you really want to pragmatic and efficient about this, there is only one answer – preparedness. Get your infrastructure in place. Recruit unemployed people to clean the streets, involve local municipalities, get enough gritting salt, provide special winter tyres (in my country it is obligatory to use these winter tyres from 1 Dec to 1 March). Local authorities here should maybe go to any of the northern countries and get some consultancy how to manage things.

Airports in UK were paralyzed during the snowy period, while for example in Sweden, Arlanda’s airport has not been closed due to snow a single time during the last 30 years.

So, now, i cant wait the next snow season, when Britons will be wearing these ice treads. 🙂


4 thoughts on “British winter and coping strategies

  1. those ice treads you can find in Norway as well. though i haven’t seen anyone wearing them.. Might be because of its reputation of something that you have when you are getting really, really old. And who wants to look like one? 🙂

  2. well, yes, these are advertised especially to elderly people, but i am still a bit skeptical about practicality of these ice treads. don’t they make you feel actually clumsy? 🙂

  3. Mana Britu salās strādājošā māsīcas meita dabūja speciālu piemaksu darbā par to, ka bija vienīgā atbraukusi uz darbu pie 5cm bieza sniega. Pārējie Britu kolēģi bija palikuši mājās.
    Arī stāstīja un uzjautrinājās … 🙂

  4. jā, jā, tajās 5cm sniega dienās varēja strādāt no mājām. Arguments gan it kā bija un brīžam visnotaļ objektīvs, ka transporta sistēma vienkārši pārstāja normāli funkcionēt, tāpēc, ja tikt uz darbu nozīmē ntās stundas mocīties pa stacijām un vilcieniem un metro un gaidīt, tad racionālāk jau ir palikt mājās. tiesa gan, ne visiem darbs ir ‘paņemams’ uz mājām.

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