What is love

I always believed that love is an affair of heart. Heart which feels, but does not think. Heart, which does rather than analyzes. Apparently, as i found out today in the morning newspaper while traveling on tube to work, “it is all down to the release of chemicals in the BRAIN that affect intellect and cognitive functions – producing a euphoria similar to the ‘high’ from drugs such as cocaine, they claim.” Love, which can happen in about one fifth of a second, is a result of “release of chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopressin, some of which acted in tandem to produce the ‘buzz’ that can leave loved-up people in a daze.”
But, with this last part i cant agree more. Falling in love is indeed like addiction to drugs. You love it, you always want more, you may in certain situations be ready to pay a very high price for it and in extreme cases – you may destroy your own life.
UPDATE: this is a very interesting documentary on this topic. Highly recommended. 🙂

2 thoughts on “What is love

  1. Kāds prieks no jauna atklāt Tavu blogu 🙂 Šodien revidēju savu mailbox un atradu linku az Tavu blogu, kurš man kaut kā bija izslīdējis no redzesloka, kopš aizbraucu no Stokholmas. Tiešām priecājos, ka Tu to arvien vēl raksti, man tagad būs daudz, ko lasīt :)) jā, un mīlestība tiešām ir viena mistiska lieta … bet es tomēr domāju, ka tā ir kas vairāk, nekā tikai release of chemicals in the brain 🙂

    Wish you love,

  2. Ja, rakstishana ta tads paradums, no kura ta ari pec lielaas skoloshanaas netiek valjaa. Ta ka pienac te shad un tad. Pastav iespeja, ka kaut kas jauns bus, lai gan ka var redzet rakstishanas iedvesma nav mana labaakaa draudzene.
    bet par to milestibu – no tavas mutes dieva ausii. Un tev tieshi to pashu 🙂

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