NiMo quartet from Latvia in London

Slowly but persistently I am getting back to where I was 2-3 years ago – organizing/ co-organizing gigs and/or liaising between musicians and venues etc. With a bit of my help NiMo Quartet from Riga came to London to perform at the Jazz Cafe Posk within the framework of the 3rd East European Jazz Festival in London. Moreover, their tune “James in Peril” has been included in the recently released album “Europa Jazz 2010” celebrating the best new European jazz.

And, a gig was really good. I still would need to learn about promoting musicians/ getting gigs in such a competitive city as London, because this band, despite the fact that they come from my country, is indeed unique. Do you know a jazz band where drummer is replaced by DJ, who is managing the beat and improvising by scratching his vinyls? Innovations, innovations.and distinctiveness from others.

I really hope to get them back here some day again. They are really worth that. London should see them properly. Check out these guys! One of their best tunes you can listen here.

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