Guide to Happiness

When it comes to movies and cinema, I admit, i am very picky. Though cinema is considered to be a form of entertainment, i’m always looking for something more. Messages, lessons, new knowledge.. Something i can still keep on chewing in my mind for hours and days after watching a movie. Therefore, i am very big fan of documentaries. And, one evening a browsing and googling on internet resulted in a discovery of an amazing site – Top Documentary Films – with loads of documentaries for free to watch. Wow!!


As the first one I watched – Guide to Happiness, as, I guess, happiness is something we all may be trying to search for every day, persistently and endlessly .. and at the end of the day still not knowing if we have found it or not..

This was a very interesting philosophical interpretation of happiness and besides being very educational, it was a rich food for thought.

Apparently, if we would ask Socrates how to be happy, he would advise us to think twice when just copying or following others because the fact that majority is doing something or thinking in a particular way, does not mean that they are right. He would urge us to more believe in ourselves rather than behaving as sheep following the crowd.

Epicurus would say us that there are three things which may bring us happiness – friends, freedom and an analyzed life (or thinking). He would ask us to think, if what we want is what we actually need.

Seneca’s lesson on anger I have already told to my collegues at work: to avoid stress and anger, be prepared for the worst but dream for the best. So, when you will be prepared, you wont panic and stress if you arrive at work late or somebody damages your car or whatever. You will be prepared and most likely you will have a Plan B already in your mind.

Montaigne would be talking about self-esteem and self-confidence. He believed that it is far more important to be wise rather than to know a lot and have a university degree.

Schopenhauer would argue that it is love which is the most important driver to live. Only love can give a true meaning to our lives.

And last but not least – Nietzsche would advise to avoid comfort zones, but persistently challenge ourselves and experience hardship, because this is the only way to achieve something worthwhile in our lives.

I am still chewing these ideas in my mind and trying to relate them to my approach to life and happiness. One thing what i am definitely sure about is that happiness is not something you can get and have it. It’s more like a process or a path. And every day you have to make a step or two

2 thoughts on “Guide to Happiness

  1. Ieitriģēja man šis raksta gals – būs tas filmiņš jāpaskatās. Varētu būt laba “barība”, nemīlīgajiem rudens vakariem.

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