Incognito, London, Ronnie Scott’s, 19.09.2010

Ronnie Scott‘s venue  – as a jazz temple in the middle of Soho – with its certain solemnity, interior, red-shade table lamps, ‚unwritten social rules‘ and presence of jazz history all around to some extent already pre-determines the general atmosphere of a jazz night. After taking a seat at one of the long tables one would sit still for most of the evening. Except rhythmic nodding of ones head usage of body language usually is quite limited.

But on a day when Incognito got on the stage it was different. Rules were broken and almost everyone sooner or later was standing, making funky moves, singing along and even jumping. As Bluey, Incognito’s ‘face’ said – this is what jazz originally was meant to be – celebration of life and joy through music, dance and ‘togetherness’ disregarding race, gender, class or origins.

Mixture of good old hits (such as Taking Loud, Always There, Solar Fire) and tunes from their most recent album “Transatlantic RPM”, combination of soulful songs with superb jazz funk made this gig both as a very nice retrospect celebrating band’s 31st anniversary and as a tasting of its persistent development of new musical ideas.

Being probably one of the most popular and commercially successful jazz funk bands in the world Incognito showed that it is not sitting on its laurel and thus leaves no space for disappointment, though lack of improvization to more sophisticated jazz lovers may give a feeling of emptiness. However, while all together and each of them separately musicians presented amazing technical skills, they created excellent engaging bond with public and made everyone feel involved, connected and as an integral part of this 2 hours non-stop gig.

One thought on “Incognito, London, Ronnie Scott’s, 19.09.2010

  1. Ņēmu un Jūuutūuubā iepazinos ar šo bandu. Katru dienu kaut kas jauns.

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