London Marathon 2010 or – There is no such word ‘impossible’

This Sunday London for the 30th year was organizing a now worldwide known event – London Marathon, which gathered more than 30 thousand runners from all around the world. The route was planned in the central London starting in Greenwich and finishing in Westminster passing through also my area.

As I was standing at the 18 mile mark and greeted and cheered up runners passing by, at some moments I was so close to emotional explosion. People in wheelchairs just made my heart jump around.  I could read that patience, strong will and immense struggle in their faces. Unbelievable motivation and ambitions. It was with no doubt a proof that great achievements can be accomplished with strong will and determination. I felt even ashamed of thinking that i would not be able to run a marathon while seeing these handicapped people in this crowded stream of participants heading towards the finish line.

We can. We can do a lot of things. More than we know, more than we think and more than we dare to dream of.

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