freedom to chickens!

Yesterday I wanted to buy some eggs for Easter. I was quite surprised to see that in my neighbourhood’s ASDA there are three options. I could buy eggs of a) caged chickens, b) chickens living indoors and having freedom to perch, dustbathe and nest, c) chickens from British bio/ eco-farms, living happy life indoors, outdoors and doing all what chickens naturaly would want/ need to do.Prices for a pack of 6 eggs were 0.70/ 1.35/ 3.20 GBP respectively. I did not want to support practice of caged chickens (it’s slavery, isnt it?), I did not want to over pay as well, so I made a b) choice. Freedom to chickens!

This becomes more and more often when our consumers’ choices become based on ethical/ moral principles (well, of course, in combination with the choice of prices), which is possible through improving transparency and availability of information about foodstuff we buy and consume. This is in a way result of pressure from environmentalists, campaigners for human/ animal rights demanding these big supermarkets to follow certain standards on their producers/ manufacturers who would not use child labour, would not cause damaging effect on environment, would respect human/ animal rights etc.

I assume, that if we always would know how certain product we buy has been actually produced, we would probably make different choices. wouldnt we?

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