sweet Cadbury, sweet free market economy

After reading few of the British newspapers today I almost felt like it was a historic day and that since this year January 19 will be an official mourning day. After months of negotiations and speculations one of the British national treasure – Cadbury was sold to the American Kraft. Though the contract is signed and there is no way back, analysts and politicians have been expressing a real disappointment because by losing a control over this enterprise this may lead to different optimization actions, including redundancies, business reorganization etc. Moreover, RBS, Royal Bank of Scotland, which was bailed out by taxpayers’ money and who own now about 85% of RBS shares, was the mediator of this deal. It was questioned if the national bank has acted in the interest of the country by negotiating a deal in result of which Cadbury is sold to Americans.

This episode is again an excellent example of double-standards and morale. When these kind of deals are happening in developing or less developed countries, then the nations, which lose their national companies often with decades long history, are being told that this is a free market economy, free competition and free movement of capital. There were/are always plenty of arguments given why and how such a deal would benefit a country. However, in this case of Cadbury, I have seen more nationalism than it has been tolerated in other less developed countries where international companies have been very active in taking over local ones.

British empire is becoming a victim of its own created dependency trap and can start to enjoy the real pain of it.

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